Animals of Hope!

I love animals so much! Wait?! We're animals. Yes, but I am talking about the furry or feathered kinds this time. These un-human animals teach me so much without uttering a word I understand. Take this polar bear. He's actually PLAYING with a man. Playing! There is such joy and connection between him and this ferocious bear. Plus, this bear is in prison, stuffed into a tiny tank for our amusement, and yet he still plays...he still has hope. When I saw this video, my feelings were a confetti toss of giggles, tears, awe and delight. Happy feelings definitely won out because it's hope that animals give me when I watch them do what they do: build nests, burrow, fend off enemies, scavenge for food, migrate impossible distances and mate with the elegance of a courtier. Many people think only of animals as dumb beast, but for me, they are the greatest teachers I will ever have.