Still waiting, but things are beginning to thaw.

As January flips over to February, I can see movement in my publishing goals. The main goal, of course is getting my books OUT THERE where I hope they bring joy and/or fun learning to children. I adore kids! I adore their honesty, innocence, and their bravery. Could you imagine being back to first grade, fidgeting in your tiny wooden seat? Wondering if you can "hold it" until lunchtime? Not wanting to raise your hand? Yah! Kids are brave. Oh, and their love, I adore that about kids too! Kids have so much love it spills out of them, blooming giddy like daffodils and tulips, red, yellow and pink. I suppose we all have love, but kids give theirs away, oh so easily, and that makes all the difference. All that giving swirls about us --a sweet wind--making a huge impact in our world. Could you imagine life without children?

Anyway, I'd be overjoyed to get my books to market, but...the printer is having color problems with pages 7&8, 11&12, 21&22. Then there's the distributor who, if they accept me, want to wait another 6 months for publication so that they can advertise properly. Then there's my "brilliant" idea to print another book, since the printer and everyone else is taking so long. But that means more money, more time, which means....well that my goals are thawing, drip by drip, but soon they'll bloom red, yellow and pink with success!