Trees = Clean Water

Of all known planets, only Earth contains liquid water. Unfortunately, 99% of that water is salty or trapped in ice. That leaves 1%. 1 % of this precious life giving elixir for all 7 billion of us to drink.

WHO can help us thirSty humans survive? TREES! 

Trees are nature's water tanks. First, water is sucked into a tree via its roots, then held within nearly every part of the tree (trees are made up of 50% water), then slowly water goes out, evaporating primarily out of the leaves and into the air, now this moist air forms clouds. Clouds do their thing-- rain--and water is returned back to the earth where roots suck it right back up into the tree and on it goes. 

  • More than half of U.S. drinking water originates in forests.

Trees (and soil) are also nature's water cleaners. First, trees filter water through its tangled web of roots, then the roots act like fingers holding the all important soil. As water splashes onto the ground, it rolls down through layer upon layers of the soil, and each layer filters out more and more sediments and toxins (like car oils). Down, down the water drip until it arrives far beneath the surface to the underground pools called GROUNDWATER. Groundwater is the holding tank of nearly all of Earth's unfrozen fresh water.

  • One large tree can capture and filter up to 36,500 gallons of water per year.