OH SO QUIET! Children's Book


Soon to be out! OH SO QUIET! by Lindsey Craig and Daniel Dunkley. 

The idea for this book came to me while hiking at dusk in an ancient forest, very near the dreaded vampire zone--Forks, Washington. And boy was it quiet! So quiet your own breath scares you...and your footsteps...and did that shadow just move??? While glaring at bushes and jumping at the occasional (oh please make that a chipmunk!) squeaks, this word-song played in my head:  Oh, the forest is so quiet, oh so quiet in the night...Dang! I thought, if I were a kid camping in this forest, I'd be scared *+!!-less!...Hey! I'll write a story!

That's when I heard the groan--the-definitely-not-a-chipmunk-groan! And...


I squeaked and ran, backpack slapping, tin-cup banging, noisily, oh so noisily, out of that

...OH SO QUIET forest!