Mission Statements

I've made my share of mission statements, but none struck me with any chest-pounding-Viking-like-passion. My friend John said: listen to Tony, he'll get you fired up. So I did, over breakfast, with too much coffee, I listened--and was INSPIRED! And you know, I just wanted to reach out and hug that Tony Robbins because he seemed to care so much about...me...and everyone. He's like a voice-ful miracle worker.

Pushing aside my oatmeal, I scribbled a page worth of ponderings: Why am I on this planet? Just exactly what is my purpose? What did I write? Oh lord, you don't really want to know. Something grand, about blazing trails and being courageous in following my writing dreams. And then? Any Viking enthusiasm? Nope, but I did give a whoop, and oh, that was enough for me.